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Make Social Media Work For Your Business

Advoz will generate post and ad ideas, notify your staff of important posts via a text message and help you easily understand your results all in one app.

Advoz is a tool that drives business results

Advoz will learn about your business over time and begin to manage your social media content and advertising better than any human being on earth.

Post & Ad Ideas

Advoz recommends posts that will be most effective for your business. It will then analyze how your posts performs and suggest when to create ads, how much to spend and how long to run the ad.

Notify Staff

Advoz makes it super easy to notify your staff of important posts via a text message, effectively amplifying your posts so they reach more people in less time. Your staff are on social media, why not leverage their connections?

Increase Sales

Advoz will learn about your business over time and become an effective tool in your marketing kit. Through the analytics and ability for the app to analyze large amounts of data at one time, advoz can increase sales for your business.

Staff Amplification Works

One of the most under-utilized strategies in the marketing industry is leveraging your staffs existing social media accounts and connections.

If your staff have an average of 500 or more friends or followers and you have approximately 5 staff, using advoz can instantly increase your reach by up to 2500 people. It also makes it easier for staff to stay in the loop with current posts and promotions on your social accounts.

Perfect for Business Owners & Staff

Whether you want to increase sales, brand awareness, improve your results on social media or leverage your existing staff to manage your social accounts.

  • Business Owners

    Is your business performing well on social media? Could it be performing better? Advoz can help. The marketing industry is constantly changing and evolving and it’s impossible to keep up. Advoz has the ability to adapt to changes on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, to ensure your business is always on top of the game.

  • Staff

    Do your staff already manage your social media accounts? Are you paying too much for a so called “expert” social media manager? Getting them to use advoz will make them an instant expert and improve results for your business much faster than traditional methods. Staff love advoz because it’s extremely simple to use, it provides ideas and strategies and it helps them stay in the loop with what’s happening at the business while also allowing them to support the business on social media.

  • Marketers

    Marketers who manage social media for clients can now streamline the process of content creation, ad creation and staff amplification easily and in less time. Advoz can save agencies and marketing professionals time and money, freeing up opportunities to add on more clients and create a more scalable social media marketing service offering. Drive more revenue for your clients today.

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