4 Reasons Your Posts Aren’t Getting Results

Are you pouring attention and heart into creating social media content, only to find that no new customers are coming through the door? We get it: this can be frustrating and disheartening, and can even make you question the value that social media can bring to your business.

Online marketing can be tricky, but by taking the right steps, it is often possible to significantly improve your results. Here are four common pitfalls that can prevent your post and ads from bringing you the best results, with some examples and tips on how to avoid them.

1. You’re Not Boosting Posts Or Creating Ads At All

As we’ve mentioned in previous articles, in early 2018, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would be shifting towards providing users with more content from their friends and families, and less from businesses/pages.

Businesses can no longer rely on posting content to their pages and having it reach all of their followers.

2. You Aren’t Targeting Your Ads Effectively

Are you sending out one ad to try to appeal to your entire customer base? Are you using only a few demographic details, like age and location, to target your ads? Are you blindly clicking “boost post” and calling it a day?

If any of these are the case, there is room for additional refinement.


  • Instead of only boosting posts, you can create campaigns with specific objectives, different ad sets, and different audiences.
  • You could segment your ads between new and existing customers.
  • You could tailor your ads to different demographics.
    • For example, a gym could let new parents know about the location’s childcare amenities while highlighting a seniors’ discount to an older audience.
  • You can use a custom audience to reach customers who already have a relationship with your organization.
  • You might also try creating a lookalike audience, which is an audience similar to your existing page fans, customers, or those who interact with your online content.

3. Your Ads Have Too Much Text

Often, companies promote sales, events, and contests with ad images that are essentially scans or digital copies of a print flyer or poster. While this is informative, it is also usually very text-heavy.

Did you know that if more than roughly 20% of an ad’s image is text, the ad’s reach gets reduced?

To avoid this issue, try using a modified image with less text, or no text at all. You can then place the event-related text in the ad copy. Even better, you can create ads that are designed to boost event attendance, promote special offers, and more.

4. You’re Using The Wrong Ad Objective, Format, Or CTA

There are numerous Facebook ad “objectives” such as reach, traffic, video views, store visits, and more. There are also a wide variety of ad formats (such as video, carousel, photo) and calls to actions (such as “Book Now” or “Learn More”).

Understanding your goals, sales funnel, and customer decision-making process can help you choose the right one.


  • If you want to get more clicks to your online store, but have opted to promote your page, you might not be getting the results you want.
  • If you know that potential visitors to your location usually have questions before booking an appointment, running an ad that allows them to call or message you might be more beneficial than sending them directly to your booking page.

If you’re the hands-on type, you can check out Facebook’s guide to choosing the right advertising objective here, and can learn more about Facebook ad formats here. If you’d prefer to have someone else handle this aspect of Facebook and Instagram advertising for you, connect with our team for a demo of our Hybrid model.

Putting It All Together

By boosting your posts to the right audience, using appropriate images, and choosing the right ad features, you can help ensure your ad reaches the right people at the right time.

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