How To Start Creating A Beautiful Instagram Page

Have you ever scrolled through another brand’s social media and developed a serious case of Instagram envy? You’re not alone! Clients using the Advoz App consistently ask how, when managing their social page, they can achieve a look that’s polished, stylish, and on-brand. Often, they have a few favourite examples. Here are five tips that can help Instagram beginners efficiently create a gorgeous page.

1. Use Consistent Fonts

If you are creating text posts (such as “quote” posts, event posters, and more), make sure to use the same font for everything. If you frequently post designs with text, it can be worthwhile to decide on not only a standard font but a template as well. You can easily create a template using a simple tool like Canva.

If your company has a brand guide, it will likely include a list of fonts that are acceptable to use. If you don’t have one, work with your team to choose just one or two fonts for your social media graphics.

2. Use An On-Brand Colour Palette

If you have a brand guide, consult it to determine which colours to use. Some brands use a family of colours in their images, while others take a more minimalist approach. Additionally, many brands permit the use of black and/or white in addition to brand colours.

You can use your brand colours colours:

  • in infographics
  • in posters or other pictures with text
  • in accents or backdrops of your photographs (if applicable)

It is best to get an exact colour or colours (for example, instead of saying “green”, choose a specific hue and get the hex or RGB colour code for it) for text and imagery such as infographics. This will ensure that everything is consistent.

3. Choose Consistent Backdrops and Accents

If your brand advertises products or services, you can create visual cohesion in your posts by choosing backdrops that match. For example, a restaurant can use the same tablecloth or tabletop for all of their dishes, or an apparel retailer can take images against the same wall.

4. Use The Same Lighting Or Filter (If Applicable)

A page can go from mediocre to highly professional-looking when the lighting or filter is consistent. For example, are all of your food photos well-lit, comforting, and bright, or are they moody and edgy?

A filter can also even out the appearance of your posts. Did you know that about 60% of brands consistently use the same filter on images? When the same filter is added to images, especially when they also have similar compositions or colour palettes, the result is very smooth and magazine-like.

If you want even more control over the appearance of your images, you can download apps such as Afterlight, Adobe Photoshop Express, VSCO, and Snapseed. These apps have many useful tools and options for editing and enhancing your images.

#5 Take The Highest-Quality Photos You Can

Since Instagram is such a visual platform, it’s important that the photos themselves be as high-quality as possible. No matter how well-composed, an overly blurry, grainy, or dark photo is not likely to be visually appealing. We recommend using, at the very least, a newer smartphone, in a well-lit area. There are many basic phone tripods available at affordable rates at local electronic stores or online, and these can help ensure your camera never shakes or wobbles while you take a photo. Many businesses, as they develop, opt to branch out to using or renting mid-to-high-end tools such as DSLR cameras.

Putting It All Together

In conclusion, when you’re looking at a social page that is appealing to you, it’s likely that, above all, it has a clear and consistent theme or relates well to the brand’s overall personality. By taking the time to plan out your fonts, colour palette, backgrounds, and filters, you can create a stunning social media profile in no time!

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