Interacting With Customers Through Messenger

According to Facebook, 1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger every month. In a 2018 report, the tech giant predicted that the global user base for mobile messaging apps will rise by 23% by 2021. Businesses should take note of this trend, because people aren’t just reaching out to friends and family: they’re using messenger apps to connect with businesses. In fact, 10 billion messages are exchanged between customers and companies each month, according to Facebook’s stats.

Why Customers Use Facebook Messenger To Connect With Businesses

Last fall, Facebook released a document explaining three key reasons why customers use Messenger as part of their shopping journey.

Response Time

According to Facebook, getting a quick response while they are on the go is one of the key reasons why individuals message businesses.


Today’s shoppers are more comfortable messaging a business than calling, filling out a form, or emailing.

A Personalized Experience

Sending messages allows customers to engage in dialogue with a business, and get answers to specific and niche questions that they might have. 

Tips For Responding To Customers

If you’re using Facebook for your business,  is important to ensure that you are dealing with messages correctly, and meeting the three key preferences outlined above.

Here’s how you can get started:

Respond Promptly

When you receive a customer’s message, do your best to respond promptly, even if it is just to let them know that you’ve passed their inquiry on to the relevant team member. 

Offer Personalized Assistance

Today’s customers expect a “zero-friction” journey, Facebook states in their article Zero Friction Future. Similarly, Google insights noted, “When people go online for information, they expect every experience to be tailored just for them.”

When a customer asks a question, it’s important that your frontline staff do everything they can to provide personalized assistance. It can be beneficial to think of an online conversation as just as meaningful as a face-to-face one. 

Example: If a customer gets in touch asking about sports equipment, simply sending them a link to the “shop” section of your company’s website might not be enough. Instead, you can use messenger to find out more about their needs and provide advice and recommendations that help them feel like a VIP.

Automate Your Messages

Even the busiest local companies have off hours: chances are you don’t have staff on call 24/7. However, that doesn’t mean that your customers won’t message you in off hours. In fact, depending on your customer demographics, you might see more messages in the evening, when the workday is over and customers’ evening tasks are out of the way. Additionally,  if you’ve got a large number of leads coming in, handling everything manually can be taxing. 

This is where using Messenger’s built-in automation tools can help. Here are some of the options that you can use to assist customers while saving  time.

Away Message – This type of message your visitors know you’re away, and can be customized to let them know when you’ll be back online. If like most businesses, you aren’t open 24/7, or if your business is closed for a statutory holiday, use an away message to answer any messages you might receive during that time. 

Instant Replies – Customers get these replies immediately, regardless of whether you’re online or not. We tend not to use this feature during business hours, as one of our team members is usually online and able to respond personally and quickly. However, if you’re an organization like a boutique, restaurant, mechanic shop, or other location where your team members may be working away from their computer or phone, it can be a useful way to respond to customers quickly and set their expectations about when they can expect a reply.

Responses To Questions And Feedback – Using your Messenger settings, you can also add automated responses for:

  • frequently asked questions, like contact info and location
  • following up on positive page recommendations
  • addressing negative page recommendations
  • received job interview applications

Appointment Messaging

By setting up appointment messaging, you can conveniently remind customers of their appointment the day before their scheduled appointment.

Levelling Up Your Messages With Click-To-Message Ads

If you find that messages are a useful way to connect with customers, you can easily create click-to-message ads. These ads prompt users to open a messaging conversation (instead of, for example, directing them to a webpage). You can make your customer’s journey even smoother by providing them with conversation-starting options to choose from, automatic answers to common questions, and by setting up chat options. Your automatic replies aren’t limited to text, either: try including videos, photos, links to provide an engaging and helpful experience.

Are You Ready To Use Messages To Connect With Customers?

Do customers currently message your business? Would you consider using messaging ads to gain more customers? Let us know your thoughts. Not sure where to start, or needing assistance with setting up messenger ads? Get in touch with our team: we’re here to help!

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