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Using Instagram Stories For Your Business: The Basics

From everyday Instagram users to celebrities and influencers, Instagram Stories has 500 million daily active users. This feature allows users to share photos and videos with followers in a vertical, full-screen format. Because IG stories only stay live for 24 hours, they are often used as a way to post authentic and in-the-moment content that…

How To Start Creating A Beautiful Instagram Page

Have you ever scrolled through another brand’s social media and developed a serious case of Instagram envy? You’re not alone! Clients using the Advoz App consistently ask how, when managing their social page, they can achieve a look that’s polished, stylish, and on-brand. Often, they have a few favourite examples. Here are five tips that…

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4 Tools For Great Photo & Video Content

For anyone not familiar with creating images or video, some of the more complex options out there can feel overwhelming, not to mention the fact that they often come with a seriously steep price tag. However, that doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to creating boring ads or dedicate hours to learning how to…

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Sharing Customer Stories

Stories and testimonials that go into detail about the customers’ experience can provide more information to readers/viewers who are considering your product

Why Aren't My Social Posts Performing Well - Advoz App

4 Reasons Your Posts Aren’t Getting Results

Here are four common pitfalls that can prevent your post and ads from bringing you the best results, with some examples and tips on how to avoid them.