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Advoz is an AI powered social media marketing expert in your pocket. If you use Facebook and Instagram to market your business, you need Advoz.

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Market Better

Social media marketing is hard, Advoz makes it easy. No more guessing, and no more confusing ad types and content calendars, just recommendations that get real results.

Post Ideas

Get customized post ideas based on your industry. The ideas will be tailored to your unique followers.

Targeting Suggestions

Find new customers easily and more results from ads with Advoz customized targeting suggestions.

EZ Action Insights

Get easily actionable insights that can inform your content creation and future business decisions.

Notify Staff

Easily notify your staff of your most important posts with a text message to amplify your reach.

Get Results

Utilizing a unique artificial intelligence algorithm, Advoz is able to learn about what is working for your business over time and make smart recommendations of content and ads.


Get Inspiration

Get inspired with unique photo and video ideas or browse a free library of over 10K images from Unsplash.


Target Effectively

Depending on what you're posting about, the app will recommend a unique target audience that is most likely to generate real results for your business.


Notify Staff

Notify staff with a text notification encouraging them to like, comment and share your posts.

The Advoz Difference

What makes Advoz different? Our founders have been working with small and medium sized businesses for over a decade and they built the app around the most effective social marketing techniques.

The Suggestion Engine

Our suggestion engine is powered by two things; your unique followers and the posts you've created in the past. The app will learn about your business over time and continue to improve it's recommendations.

EZ Action Insights

After speaking with hundreds of business owners and through our own experience, we want to make complex marketing analytics easy to understand regardless of your background or expertise.

Optimized Targetting

What ad's are working? Who should you target to generate new business and revenue? The app will tell you exactly who to target, how much to spend, and how long to run the ads.

Staff Amplification

Most of your staff will have a Facebook and Instagram profile with hundreds, if not thousands of followers. Leverage those followers by notifying your staff with a text message of important posts and they'll never miss a beat.

See The App

Here are some additional screen shots from the app to give you an inside look of how it works.


Advoz in Action


Advoz pricing is based on the needs of your business. Don't see the pricing for you? Contact us for more options.


1 Facebook Account

1 Instagram Account

Up to 5 Staff

$ 25 / mon

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5 Facebook Accounts

5 Instagram Accounts

Up to 50 Staff

$ 150 / mo

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Please contact us for customized pricing.



$ 500+ / mon

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions we receive.

No, the app will simply recommend ideas for posts, and will provide examples such as how to shoot an image but it's up to our users to create the beautiful content they want. You can take advantage of our library of beautiful free images as well but the choice is yours.

The app will analyze past posts and posts created through the app and uses a proprietary set of success metrics to determine what is working for your business. Everyone's followers are unique and no two businesses are the same so every users suggestions will be different.

At Advoz, we believe that posting higher quality content, less of the time, with a boost behind it is the most effective strategy. With so many competing brands out there, it's better to show your users only the best content. To ensure your followers are seeing your posts, it's important to create a boost.

Targeting your followers means your posts will be boosted to existing advocates of your business. When you select Get New Customers, Advoz will recommend a new audience of customers that may not know about your business but may be interested.

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